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Kroger "Wedding Photos" - Cara Reeves
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Kroger "Easter Hunt" - Cara Reeves
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Kroger "Goodbye Summer" - Cara Reeves
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Kroger was the main account I worked on during my first agency job. Way back then I cranked out new print ads, radio and TV spots every week based on client input that would magically come through something called, "a fax machine."


I'm not going to lie, when you're tasked with writing and producing multiple spots in three major markets in a matter of days, it's nothing award-worthy. But it definitely whips you in to copywriting shape. And every now and then, I was given a few more days and additional budget to produce something that was pretty fun. Writing and directing radio spots was probably my favorite work from my Kroger days.


Agency: ja&g advertising

Dillions "Mission: Back to School" - Cara Reeves
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Kroger Photo Print Ad
Kroger Flower Shoppe Print Ad
Kroger Pharmacy Print Ad
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