About Cara

Freelance Copy Director and Copywriter 

I've never considered myself a writer. I didn't major in journalism. And I've never once dreamed of writing my own novel. But, one thing's for sure: I love working in advertising.

From decorating my bedroom walls with Benetton and Guess! magazine ads as a teen, to having "Time to make the donuts" as my own personal mantra for getting out of bed each and every morning—I've always had a special appreciation for the ad world.

My first agency gig was in 2001 for a small firm working as an account coordinator, but I found out quickly I belonged on the creative side instead. Within a few months, I was concepting and writing print ads, outdoor, radio and TV spots for clients including Kroger, the Cincinnati Reds and Eckerd Drug. From there came the digital age, where I switched agencies and began writing digital content for brands under P&G, ConAgra Foods, Abbott Laboratories, the J.M. Smucker Company and more.


In 2007, I ventured out on my own and have been freelancing ever since. I love having the freedom to work on a variety of projects and the ability to collaborate with so many talented people around town.

I'm also a married mom of two teenagers. I love cooking, baking and being crafty. Basically, when I'm not working, I'm the mom you're marketing to.


Contact me at 513.207.4735 or cara@carareevescreative.com.


You can also find me on LinkedIn.